We spoke with Gabby Bernstein, author of the new book Miracles Now, for life lessons on beating stress, eliminating fear, and feeling more joy. As a consequence, many people give away their sovereign power to affect change in their lives. Due to the functioning of our brains, we are more likely to notice the negative aspects of our lives. Do someth… Read More

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You are never too old to feel the wondrous mystery of the child within you! Personal growth happens when your inner child starts catching up with the rest of you; that is, when your emotional maturity matches your mental and spiritual development more closely and you embrace the aspects that make you feel authentic and empowered to take charge of y… Read More

We decided to include a series of posts on how to gently train your cat into becoming an Adventure Cat”. With a little bit of thought, time, and praise, your cat will be ignoring your furniture and carpeting in favor of her new scratching posts all the time. Just as potty training a toddler takes some time, patience and commitment, so will traini… Read More

We all have best friends who know us so well and whom we can keep our secrets with. Pick a pair of friends on screen, in print, or in real life best resembles your chemistry. Either way, if you have frequent conversations about automobiles, your best friend will definitely mention his or her favorite car or model again and again. Unfortunately, the… Read More