How Long Should You Stay In Rehab?

A recovery built to last a lifetime. People may fall into the destructive habit of prescription drug addiction after taking the drug for a legitimate medical reason, usually as a means of providing short-term pain relief following an operation or injury, before developing a harmful addiction to the drug or using it recreationally.

At Axis, we provide psychiatric care for co-occurring mental health symptoms as well as assistance with a wide range of everyday functioning needs (e.g., job skills, parenting classes, and a range of holistic and alternative treatment options) to augment traditional drug addiction treatment services.

While the method used to detox can vary from facility to facility, it does not change the fact that time may be needed to do it properly, especially when treating addiction to substances that can have life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, such as alcohol or benzodiazepines.

Drug Education and Community Service Program: This program is applicable to people who have been charged with possession of drugs or drug-related paraphernalia. Anyone affected by drugs, alcohol, or food addictions. The Addiction Center elaborates that outpatient rehab is best for Addiction Treatment those who wish to stop abusing substances but cannot escape commitments, thereby requiring a flexible schedule.

You can also read reviews of programs to get a sense of whether they're actually helping people. Because drug treatment programs are highly individualized, there is no set duration of treatment. Sober living homes, or halfway houses, may serve as a kind of in-between step after a residential treatment program and before returning to regular life.

Long-term drug treatment programs typically last 90 days or longer, depending on the long-term addiction facility and the client's needs. On Swift River's woodsy 500-acre campus, clients will experience an individualized and holistic approach to addiction treatment.

As important as evidence-based psychotherapy is for our addiction treatment program, it can't be the only activity at Searidge Foundation. When it comes to alcohol and drug addiction treatment , a tailored approach to recovery is essential. Today, MARR continues to set the standard in long-term residential addiction treatment for chemically dependent men and women.

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